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80 days to go?

So, 80 is an approximation (is that a word?) because I don’t actually know when I’m supposed to start work with SCO, but it’ll probably be the second or third week of January, and I’m probably going to need to be in South Africa slightly before that, so let’s just go with 80 eh?

Due to this number being somewhat less than 100, moving to Jo’burg is becoming slightly more real (and slightly more scary than it had been). It’s also started to get a bit more exciting though, and the need to focus on the practical preparations has become a little more important.

Specifically this week I have been learning to drive, which is fun but a wee bit scary, and beginning to sort out my visa, which involves a lot of paper work. Some of things that I need to collect for my application form include: a police check, a medical certificate, a yellow fever vaccination and proof that I’ve had one, a radiological(?) scan (to prove I haven’t got TB), my address in Jo’burg (which I don’t have yet) and a return ticket to prove that I’m planning on coming home again, although I’m not actually allowed to book my flights until I have my visa, so how these two are reconciled I’m not quite sure, but am planning on finding out!

It seems a little frustrating and tedious on the face of it, but actually practical stuff like this makes me more excited, because it is getting really real now!

Please pray for me, especially for the driving skills!

Ellie x

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2 thoughts on “80 days to go?

  1. Can’t believe it is less than three months. It is soooo going to creep up on you! Make sure in your driving lessons they teach you about rolling stops, how to drive through red lights, and how to be as equally vicious of the road as the average SA taxi driver! And remember, your horn is by far the most important part of the car.

    Did you book your tickets to come visit Hannah and I yet? So looking forward to some Christmas market fun before you leave!

  2. see… if matty had read this… he would know that you’re totally qualified to be a staff worker ;] (i realise i’m being a total stalker ging back your very first blogs but hey… it’s interesting to see what 2008 ellie was like) :] xx

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