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25 days to go

So it’s been a while eh?

Life has been a mixture as usual.

Work = horrible. We had a computer system changeover at the end of October and things didn’t exactly go according to plan. It’s annoying when you don’t get the things that you want, but despite the fact that Christian books are not oxygen or food or anything that could really be described as ‘essential’ the reaction of some of the customers has been… unpleasant.

It’s sad really, especially when you consider that the majority of people who I work with aren’t Christians. So now the wonderful witness that they’re experiencing is Christian after Christian shouting, swearing and generally acting like the world has come to end because their books are two days later arriving than normal. To be fair, not everyone is that bad, and some people are really nice and understanding, but sadly it’s the horrible customers who my colleagues remember.

Message for all STL customers – be nicer.

In other news – I had an awesomely lovely weekend in Bonn with theHannah and Fi in their beautiful hats!

beautiful Mrs Jaeschke and Miss Thornton. We went Christmas market shopping and ate lovely food and talked – a lot. It was totally amazing!

So lovely to see the girls – it’s just so weird to think that it was a year and a half ago when we were all back at uni. In some ways it feels like hardly any time but in other ways it seems like years ago. Hannah’s all grown up and married, Fiona’s all professional and impressive with her fancy Brussells job (and the new boyfriend!) and I’m about to move to the other side of the world.

Summary: odd, but cool.

And on the subject of moving to the other side of the world. That’s happening in less than a month. In fact, assuming that my visa arrives on time, I’ll be heading out there in 25 days. Which is really not very long.

Summary: mixture of exciting and proper scary biscuits.

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8 thoughts on “25 days to go

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  2. Dear Elli, sorry you’ve been having a hard time from bookshops – there is no excusing bad behaviour. You’re right books aren’t essential, but to some people their jobs feel pretty essential, Christmas is when businesses make or break and if books only arrived 2 days later it wouldn’t be a problem, for some of us it’s more like 2 months. So when they don’t arrive it’s more break than make. That’s definitely a stress.

    Still, you’re right to call us on our witness and to be grace filled under pressure.

  3. I guess what it comes down to is that we’re all human, we all tend to lose the plot a bit under pressure… and as Phil W says, if it was simply a case of books arriving a couple of days late, I guess we’d cope; but with delays going back weeks and months, with our own customers losing the plot a bit as well, with businesses at make-or-break point…

    No excuses, though: simply my apologies for where I may have lost it a bit, and on behalf of my fellow-retailers. Please do pass this on to your co-workers.

    May each of us find the grace we need; and here’s wishing you well when you move on from STL.

  4. Look who’s started a proper cyberspace conversation… 🙂

    And more importantly, look how fetching Hannah and I look in our matching hand-knitted hats!! You’ll be pleased to hear that mine has been making frequent outings to protect my wee head from the horrible Brussels cold.

    Thanks for the prayer letter. Will find some time next week when I’m back in the UK to call and chat again.

    Love you!

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  6. kirstymac on said:

    Where in the world are you now dear friend? I can’t believe this is all actually happening! I’m so proud of you and sad that you’re not just round the corner from me. This will be the stuff that shapes your life though Ells bells, and shape the lives of others.. I know it! lovin you and hoping all good and safe things for you as you start out. peace out xx

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  8. The above apologies from the book retailers would actually mean something if they didn’t preface it with a defence.

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