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Ain’t technology wonderful?

So – how awesomely cool am I? I am writing this post from Dubai International Airport!

It’s two in the morning (although only ten in the evening UK time so I’m not too exhausted)s10309881 and my flight from here to Cape Town doesn’t leave until half eight, so I thought I’d blog a bit to pass the time!

In case you haven’t gathered already – I’m on my way to South Africa!

I left Carlisle at 9.45 this morning with my folks and my wee sister and headed to Newcastle. After an emotional (but crying-free) farewell – including the obligatory farewell photo of me stood under a ‘departures’ sign and looking unamused – I boarded a half empty flight which departed at 1.10pm. I had four seats to myself (deep joy!), had a lovely lunch of feta and olive salad, chicken curry with basmati rice and a spinach and chickpea thing, strawberry cheesecake and cheese and biscuits (yummy) and watched two films – ‘Twilight’ (pretty okay emo flick about teenage vampires) and ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ (pretty average action movie starring Keanu Reeves as an alien).

We landed at quarter to midnight Dubai-time and stepped off the plane to 23 degree heat (nice) and now I’m sitting in the groovy airport (there’s a three-story waterfall and fountain in the departure lounge) waiting for my next flight.

A bit more airport.

A bit more airport.

And basically all this just to say – I’m on my way!

I’m nervous, but excited too. It was weird to leave home this morning knowing that the next time I see it will be in nine months time. It will be winter again, the house will be different, my oldest niece will be nearly 8, my younger niece will be 6, my nephew will have started school and I’ll have become an auntie again! So much will have happened without me being there, but also, so much will have happened to me in Jo’burg.

I can’t begin to imagine what this year is going to have in store – but I’m pretty excited to find out.

And this to hold onto – God is and will be in Carlisle, God is and will be in Jo’burg and God is with me now as I sit and type this post in the comfort of Dubai International Airport! Is the old Relay saying goes. God is still good and the gospel is still true – wherever we are. That’s pretty much the most awesome thing of all.

In summary: international jet-set blogging is awesome, God is awesomer.

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One thought on “Ain’t technology wonderful?

  1. fionalynne on said:

    I’ll be spending about an hour in Dubai airport at midnight on Wednesday! We should have planned that better. How much fun would it have been to meet up there?!


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