surrounded by clouds

I’m here.

This will be brief and picture-less since I’m borrowing my host’s laptop (due to my laptop lacking in battery power and me lacking an adaptor to make my UK plug compatible with a South African socket) but I wanted to give a quick wee update on my travels.

I left Dubai at about 9 on Friday morning (5am GMT) and had a good flight. Chicken curry and lamb meatballs for breakfast (bizarre) and a variety of films to watch (I saw ‘Quantom of Solace’, ‘The Secret Life of Bees’, ‘Swing Vote’ and ‘Camp Rock’).

Arrived in Cape Town at 4.15pm (2.15pm GMT), the queue for immigration was long but fast-moving, picked up my bag and met Barry (SCO director). The weather is v. warm and sunny.

Went to Barry’s house, met his wife (Charlene) and children (Caitlin is three and Daniel is two), ate dinner with Charlene and went to bed, which I was pretty excited about, having not slept for 36 hours.

Today I went with Charlene and the kids to Simonsburg which is Christian conference centre where her parents were having a church camp. It’s in wine country which is very beautiful.

Basically things are good so far. The weather is great – though I am slowly melting – and Charlene and Barry are lovely so I’m having a great intro to the country.

In summary: warm.

I’ll try and post again soon (with some photos too).

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2 thoughts on “I’m here.

  1. hey!
    It’s great to hear that you have finally landed 🙂 praying for you that you will find your feet quickly.xx

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