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Day 4 – 270 to go…

La fheile Phadraig sona duit! (Happy St Patrick’s Day)

Hope you’re having a fun-filled day.

So, I’m sitting in the SCO office as I type this.

To be honest I’m not sure I’ve got a lot to blog about – it’s less hot here now (which is a bit of a relief since the temperature difference from Newcastle in March to Cape Town in March was a little disconcerting) and I’m well, but I really just want to be in Jo’burg and getting on with work. It’s lovely to be in Cape Town and to meet the people I have and all of that, but I’m starting to feel at a bit of a loose end and would just like to be doing something!

So, this isn’t a terribly interesting post – and yet I did promise some photos. So…

The waterfall and some lifts (elevators)

The waterfall and some lifts (elevators)

Firstly – as requested – proof of the Dubai airport waterfall. This was taken at five o’clock in the morning, and as I finished what I can only assume was the sunrise call to prayer began to play over the loudspeaker system. I then went back to my groovy airport recliner and got involved in a random chat with a Canadian guy named Keith who was on his way home from Afghanistan (where he is a civilian defense contracter) to Ottawa (via Dubai and Heathrow).

Also whilst in the airport I had a text conversation with my dad on Skype, and watched a little bit of ‘Strictly Ballroom’ on my laptop until the battery started to run down.



The photo on the left was taken on Saturday at Simonsburg (the church camp where I went with Charlene, Caitlin and Daniel). It was a HOT day – I was literally melting (well, clearly not literally because that would be extremely weird and perhaps worthy of some kind of medical treatment) but it was a lot of fun anyway. There was a meeting in the morning with singing and a brief talk, then people went swimming and we had ice pops (which they call ‘bunny licks’ – odd), Charlene and I took the kids for a wee walk, we had lunch, chatted to some folks, went back to the pool and then drove back to Cape Town.

A lovely day, and as seen by the photo – beautiful.

In summary – waiting for some action.

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3 thoughts on “Day 4 – 270 to go…

  1. Philippa on said:

    Is that Afrikaans at the top? Genuinely the best St Paddy’s Day greeting EVER.

    • ellidhcook on said:

      Nope – that would be Irish (although without the accents because I don’t know how to do them on wordpress)!

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