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Back from the ‘Burg… a little bit older.

I’m now a whole quarter of a century old. It’s thrilling really.

On Monday, whilst away in the absolutely stunning Drakensburg mountains I celebrated my 25th birthday by having cake for breakfast, looking at 30,000 year old cave paintings and enjoying a lovely, rain-free braai (that’s barbeque to you).

The lovely Gertzens (the family who are letting me live in their guest flat at the mo) took me on holiday with them to the Royal Natal national park from Friday until Tuesday, and it was a really wonderful time. Let me assure you that there is something quite delightful about camping in South Africa, especially when your previous camping experiences have been defined by rain in Scotland, rain in Ireland and rain in Northumberland!

Up a mountain with the lovely Gertzens.

Up a mountain with the lovely Gertzens.

Admittedly, we did have some rain this weekend, but since it was accompanied by one of the most awesome thunderstorms I have ever witnessed, I didn’t really care!

I did have a lovely time, lots of walking was done, some beautiful scenery was gazed at (and photographed) and we shared the campsite with some interesting wildlife – guinea fowl, deer and baboons(!)



It was a great weekend, wonderful to get to know the Gertzens a little better, but also just amazing to see all of that creation close up! I find it so much easier to talk to/listen to God when I’m somewhere beautiful like that, and so I very much appreciated the time to think and pray and worship our creator. But it also made me realise how much more I need to make the effort to do the same when I’m in the city.

I enjoyed spending so much time in God’s word, so I need to make the effort to do the same here!

If you’re the praying type – please do pray that I would!

Other than that I’m spending my week doing a lot of prep of Bible studies as Wits students are on holiday this week. They’re back on Monday though, and then there’s just two weeks until their mission week (which is run by ‘Christians@Wits’ – a collective of many Christian groups on campus), so there should be plenty to do!

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3 thoughts on “Back from the ‘Burg… a little bit older.

  1. Parental unit (male) on said:

    What about the camping holiday in Dorset when it didn’t rain at all? Selective memory strikes again – must be your great age!

  2. kirstymac on said:

    awesome elles belles! miss your chat! xx

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