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Vintage Jesus and Purpose week

Yo (how eighties rapper of me)

So two things to mention –

Firstly a book recommendation.

‘Vintage Jesus’ by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears. This is the absolutely best book I have read in a really long time (excluding the Bible, natch) s1031260. It is a wonderful look at who Jesus is, and is filled with some awesome theology, explained in a clear and relevant way. I’ve spent the last couple of days on campus, reading this while waiting around in a coffee shop between various meetings, and I have probably looked like a complete loon as I have gone from laughing out loud at one paragraph to crying (like, actual tears streaming down my face, not just subtle welling-up) at the next.

The stuff on the cross and resurrection was particularly helpful as I thought through it all over the Easter weekend, it challenged me and helped me to understand, and really encouraged my worship of God for such an amazing gift.

I also love Mark Driscoll’s humour, it’s sarcastic and cutting, and maybe some of you would find it offensive – but I find it totally hilarious. I was going to put some quotes in but then I couldn’t decide which bit to put in and would probably have ended up putting the whole book up here which would make this post overly lengthy, and perhaps breach various copyright laws. So instead I urge you, nay, implore you to believe my recommendation without proof.

As I say – totally awesome, very funny in places, very sad in others. Filled with truth and well worth a read.

(and available from your local Christian retailer or online at!)

Secondly –

Next week is mission week at Wits! The theme is ‘Purpose’ and the week is filled with events and speakers and bands and all the usual student mission malarky (except with a break on Wednesday for the other exciting event of April, the South African general election – who will win? what a nail-biter!).

I’ll be updating on both as we go, but please do be praying. For the mission – that it’s a great week, that the gospel is clearly proclaimed, and that people come to trust in Jesus. And for the election – that it takes place fairly, smoothly and peacefully.

Exciting times!

In summary: excited about ‘Purpose’ and thankful for the cross!

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