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Elections and more Purpose

Wednesday was election day here in sunny South Africa.

They made the day a public holiday, in order that people would have the opportunity to vote, and it was just as well since many people waited for hours in order to cast their vote. Yes, it’s true, in some parts of the world people actually queue up for three hours or more to take part in the democratic process. Crazy, I know!

In all seriousness it was pretty impressive to see that people here cared enough to do that. About 20 million people are registered voters, and they reckon about 80% actually turned up. The count won’t be official until Saturday probably, and though we all know who won (ANC) the big question is whether or not they got the two thirds majority that they need to be able to change the constitution (and the answer looks like a yes). It’s such a foregone conclusion that the ANC were having a victory party here in Jo’burg last night, before any announcement had been made, but despite the obvious result people still voted, which is cool.

In other news, the mission has continued (and finishes this evening). It has been good, some challenges, but also encouragements. It’s hard when things seem to have been done badly for me to work out whether or not I think it should be changed but only because of my being outside the culture and not quite understanding, or whether things are just being done awkwardly and inappropriately on a more ‘universal’ level! Trying to work it out.

Still no pictures – sorry, the connection is being too slow at the moment.

In summary: impressed by democracy.

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