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A new house… and conference joy.

I moved to a new place on Monday.

I’m now living in an area of Jo’burg called Richmond (which is a lot closer to campus!) with four lovely girls. Two of my new housemates also work in student ministry (which is fun). They’re involved in a ministry called Focus which has links with the CESA church (that’s Church of England in South Africa – which is quite different from the Church of England in England! Confusing eh?). They work out of a local CESA church, Melville Union, and this week Melville Union is hosting a conference called ‘Word Alive’ (we evangelicals are a creative bunch).

The speakers at the conference this year are four guys from the Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA (that’s America, y’all), and because I have a great deal less stuff to do at the moment, ’cause all the students are on exams and far too busy revising to meet me (so much more dedicated to study than I was!), I’ve been going along to meetings and helping my friend Kim (who’s been very busy organising the whole deal).

So, yesterday I… wait for it… helped her cook! I feel like I should have taken a photo if only to prove to my disbelieving sister that I am actually capable of chopping vergetables, but maybe next time eh?

Last night there was a service (half of which was held by candlelight, since there’d been a power cut) where a couple of the guys, Matt Ballard and Monte Starks, spoke (really well!), this morning there was a meeting for various people involved in various different ministries in Jo’burg to come and ask the guys questions and discuss some of the issues that we struggle with. It was a great time, lots to think about and really helpful. I love these kinds of get-togethers, because the nature of student work in general, but especially out here, is often quite lonely. It’s great to just be able to spend some time chatting with folks, sharing some of the joys and frustrations, getting advice, and generally feeling like you’re not on your own! Good stuff.

Meanwhile, bits and pieces of work continue, so tomorrow morning I will be going to campus to meet with a couple of my girls. So very exciting, because I love chatting with them, and studying God’s word, and finding out new stuff – it’s always fun. Plus I really, really love the cafe where I meet them because a couple of weeks ago they gave me a free pen for being a regular customer! And I really love free stuff – grace most especially!

No photos – so somewhat visually unappealing I’m afraid, but maybe next time!

In summary: encouraged mostly.

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2 thoughts on “A new house… and conference joy.

  1. Cassie on said:

    Can we have a picture of the free pen?

  2. fionalynne on said:

    hey you. i just sent you a letter yesterday. but to the old address rather than the new one which i don’t have. hope it still makes it to you! it is packed full of juicy gossip so you’ll want to get hold of it as soon as it gets there šŸ˜‰
    miss you xx

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