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The Heart of the Gospel

Emma teaching the evangelism track

Emma teaching the evangelism track

Just back from SCO National Conference in Durban.

Left Jo’burg on Thursday night at 10 o’clock, arrived in Durban on Friday at 6AM, spent 6 hours hanging out at the bus station, and then the next few days meeting students and staff from around the country, listening to talks by our national director, Barry Haschick, on the gospel, attending a training track run by Emma Brewster on evangelism, running a workshop/seminar on mission, leading a small group every day, and getting back to my roots by running the camp bookstall, before leaving today and spending another eight hours on a bus, being picked up at the bus station, spending five minutes at my house dropping off old clothes and picking up new ones, and then heading back to my old room at the Gertzen’s so that I can go stay at church for the next few days to help out with the holiday club.

It’s been a hectic few days (and that isn’t going to stop anytime soon) but it’s been really encouraging too. Great to get a reminder of the bigger picture of SCO. Being stuck away on your own with one group all the time it’s easy to forget what’s going on elsewhere, so this was a great help and boost, and the student I took with me from Wits had a very positive experience. She’s definitely benefited from the teaching – and is excited about going back to campus and implementing some of the evangelism ideas that she heard this week (which is pretty much the whole point of the exercise!).

So, great.

Discussion time during the evangelism track

Discussion time during the evangelism track

Thanks so much for your prayers wonderful people. And please do continue to pray for me and my energy levels over the next few days!

In summary: tired, but encouraged.

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