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Wave Riders

As I mentioned, following my nine hour bus trip back from Durban and a lovely night’s sleep at the Gertzen’s I headed to church on Wednesday morning to help out with the annual holiday club – ‘Wave Riders’.

This is a really massive thing in the life of Rosebank Union, they have about 250 kids (ages 5 – 13) attending every day of the week, and 70+ leaders, most of whom are members of the high school age youth group (14-18), plus various university students and the full-time staff of the ‘next-generation’ ministries at church, and because I help with the student bible study I thought it would be helpful to get involved in helping out this year, mostly just to have more opportunities to get to know the students a wee bit better.

As well as helping out at the holiday club (which runs from 8am til 12.30pm, Monday to Friday) the leaders all come on the Saturday before, and basically move in to the church until Friday night. They camp out in rooms around the church campus and spend every waking moment with each other, starting with breakfast at 6.30am and going on till 10 or 11 at night. Following on from National Conference this didn’t actually sound massively appealing to me, but such is life, and with my borrowed air mattress set up in the cry room, it’s actually not so bad.

Coming in to the middle of a week like this is pretty difficult, mostly just because relationships have already been formed and everything is settled and so it’s been difficult to work out how to fit in to the system. However, it’s also been really fun and interesting to see how the thing runs.

Despite the masses of leaders that there are involved, there still aren’t really enough to get everything that needs to be done done, and in particular this week since a cold bug has swept through the team and wiped a few of them out, so I have felt like I’ve been useful to what’s going on.

All in all it’s been going well. I’m tired (and getting sick – boo), but I do think it’s time well spent. Building relationships with the students, being available to support and encourage the teenage leaders, and being able to contribute to this great work of reaching so many little ones with the word of God.

We had a number of the kids come to faith yesterday, which is obviously awesome. So thank God for his work there, and please spare a prayer for the next day and a half, and the energy to keep going!

In summary: tired with a sore throat, but pleased to be here.

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One thought on “Wave Riders

  1. A blog post of mine sent traffic your way today.
    Thought I’d check you out for myself.
    I would love for you to check out how we train our students who run our Vacation Bible School.
    Any feedback would be awesome.

    We truly believe that iron sharpens iron and I’m willing to bet that you’ve done things we’ve yet to think of.
    Basically, I’d love to steal your best ideas 😉
    Hope you don’t mind sharing!

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