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Knitting club and other joys.

Wave Riders is over. I am sick.

It was a good few days of holiday club. We had nearly 400 kids come at least once during the week and an average of 255 per day. I had a great chance to get to know the students a wee bit better, as well as meeting some of the church’s many teenagers, and despite the fact that they cursed me with the holiday club lurgy, I’m feeling pretty positive about the whole thing!

Saturday was an extremely wonderful day. I had a lie-in (awesome), followed by the inaugral meeting of the newest Jo’burg knitting club, held at Kim’s house (awesome), followed by a trip across the city with my friend Cion, to meet with a lovely lady from church to talk about plans for a new area of ministry to get involved in (more details in the coming weeks once it’s all official and stuff), followed by an afternoon/evening of fun with some of the young adults group from church – watching the British and Irish Lions destroy the Springboks (deep, deep joy), eating fajitas and Malva pudding and playing 30 seconds (the S.A. version of Articulate).

It was a really fun day – I just love living out here so much more now that I’ve got friends!

The next couple of weeks are going to be holiday for me (which I’m pretty excited about), so there probably won’t be a lot to tell you ministry wise. However, when I come back from the beach I may have photos to delight you with (as long as I don’t get eaten by a shark or crocodile, in which case, it was lovely to know you!)

— Sorry for the lack of photos at the moment, but my camera is currently dead, due to the fact that when I went to the beach in Durban it got rather too much sand where no sand should be. Please pray for healing in this area! —

In summary: full of cold, but happy.

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