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Half way there…

I’ve officially passed the half-way point in my stay out here and so thought it was about time for a comparisons post!

Things I miss about home:

Friends and family (natch.)

Central heating and carpets (my house here has neither which makes life pretty chilly in winter)

Public transport (which is safe, available, easy to understand and not more often on strike than not)

Diet Coke (it tastes odd here)

Walking in the dark

Walking in general without the fear of being mugged or knocked down because there’s no pavement or being whistled at or having strange men say any of the following – ‘hello sweetie’, ‘hello my love’, hello baby’, ‘hello Mama’ or simply ‘I love you’.


Predictable and consistent weather (it’s winter here but that means that it’s approx -1 degrees in the morning but 19 degrees and sunny by lunchtime, making dressing for the day difficult)

My books

The fact that this week if I were at home I would be away at Q3 CYFA camp. This is the camp where I became a Christian 10 years ago and I’m v. sad to be missing out this year.

Things I will miss about Jo’burg:

Friends (natch.)

Sunshine and the fact that rain is out of the ordinary.

The exchange rate.

Readily available and affordable avocados.


Rosebank Union Church.

Brixton Knitting Club

My lovely girls at SCO.


My things I will miss list is slightly shorter at the moment, but I’d guess it’ll get longer as we creep closer to December. I can’t quite believe that it’s August already. The first couple of months that I was out here time seemed to drag so slowly, but the pace has definitely picked up now. Just trying to make the most of the months I have left: there’s not long, and I’m determined not to waste it!

In summary: missing home, but becoming prepared to miss here too.

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2 thoughts on “Half way there…

  1. kimlovesjozi on said:

    I’ll lengthen that list of things you miss here once we go to all the places we have said we will and I have a baby and am knitting all day at Moyo (that’s how it works right?)

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