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The joys of Bloem

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending the SCO National Student Summit in delightful Bloemfontein.

What, I hear you cry, is a national student summit? Well please, wonder no more, and allow me to explain.

The summit was a weekend consisting of two main parts; firstly, to spend time looking at the 4 SCO aims (briefly summarised as evangelism, discipleship, mission and engaging with student affairs) and specifically seeing how well (or badly, as the case may be) they are working in the individual SCO branches; and secondly, to host the annual National Student Council meeting, which was allocated 3 hours of Saturday afternoon.

The first part – discussing the aims – went very well, and was both helpful and informative. I worked with a group looking at Aim 3 (mission) and found it to be a really encouraging time. This is traditionally an aim which hasn’t been given much attention, and it was helpful to understand that the reason for this is that many of the sudents are simply not aware of how to go about developing it on their campuses – but are very much excited about the prospect of being able to.

The second part was… less fun. I won’t bore you with all the details, but let me give you some insight but telling you that the three hour meeting actually ended up being three meetings, spread over Saturday afternoon and evening, and the second part of Sunday morning, and totalling nearly eight hours, and my main question during many parts of the proceedings was to wonder which event would come first, the end of the discussion, or the second coming of Christ? Yet, as you may have noticed, the meeting is over and the Lord Jesus has not returned, so there’s still today at least to tell people about Him!

Apart from this I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the old Relay road-trips. The journey from Jo’burg to Bloem took seven hours on a coach, and yesterday I left the summit to travel back to Cape Town with Barry (National Director), Bulelani (fellow-STEMmer) and Tshepo (CPUT student), a drive which lasted eleven and a half hours. Which rather makes the 6 hour trip from Glasgow to the Quinta pale into insignificance – and I also didn’t have the joy of David Thain’s entertaining rendition of ‘Bleeding Love’ a la Leona Lewis. So sad for me.

So, this week I’m by the seaside (beside the sea), working on the SCO library in the office. Which is all good – but it’s not the awesomeness of Jozi.

In summary: encouraged, frustrated, nostaligic and glad the car journey is over.

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