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On being typecast

I can’t get away from Christian books.

My parents and younger sister are currently in the employ of Christian book tycoon STL, and I have previously had my time occupied by them, as has my older sister. I’ve packed orders in the warehouse, I’ve set up bookstalls at various conferences, I’ve inputted (is that a word?) data, and answered phones – and it was occasionally a joy. I thought those days were behind me,I thought that I had escaped – but no.

My current view

My current view

Back in July I was bookshop lady at National Conference, I’m in the process of organising another one for the Associates Conference in September, and this week I am in a very wet and windy Cape Town working on organising the SCO library.

Surrounded by books, and working on a seemingly endless excel spreadsheet – am I doomed to a life of Christian paperbacks?

In summary: excel weary

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One thought on “On being typecast

  1. *chuckle* this made me laugh quite a lot.

    You know, sometimes God’s calling on our life can be so clear and yet we just ignore it out of fear or unbelief…

    *ducks as Ellie throws heaviest book she can find at Fiona’s head*

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