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On travelling

I’m back blogging from an airport.

Last time it was the supremely impressive Dubai International Airport, with it’s dedicated Emirates terminal, free wireless, recliner seats, and an indoor, three-storey waterfall. This time it is the rather less impressive Cape Town International Airport, with no free internet (I’m back to using the 3G – which is a bit of a let down after the awesome wireless speed in the office this week), no recliners (and in fact no seats – since they’re all occupied and I’m currently sitting on the floor), and no waterfall.In fact there isn’t technically even a terminal building, since they’re in the midst of renovations at the moment and Domestic Departures is actually a marquee, or to be more blunt – a tent. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

All this to say – the library’s done with and I’m heading back to Jo’burg! Hooray!

In summary: unimpressed and temporary-homeward bound.

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