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On missing milestones

Today my lovely nephew turns 4. (Happy Birthday Aidan!)





I’m missing his birthday, and will miss his starting school in a couple of weeks time. I missed my niece, Sophie’s, 5th birthday a couple of months ago, I’ll miss a new nephew or neice being born soon, and in general I’m just missing out on everybody’s lives and the day-to-day news (although I’d miss less if they occasionally emailed – hint).

I love it here. But I miss home. Oh Hannah Montana, why can’t I too enjoy the best of both worlds?

In summary: missing being there.

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One thought on “On missing milestones

  1. Oi! Little Miss ‘i’d miss less if they occasionally emailed’! when was the last itme you emailed me eh? EH? i sent you a letter, like, 2 months ago with an amazing Portland CD enclosed and got no response whatsoever! so there!

    Aidan had a lovely birthday and is excited to start school. i’ll email you a pic of him in his school uniform – so cute you’ll probably cry!

    Love you xxxxxxxxxxx

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