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On mission

This weekend the church that I am part of here in Jo’burg was hosting George Verwer (founder of the mission agency of awesomeness, Operation Mobilisation). I went to hear him speak last night and he was, as expected, great. Very encouraging chat, and so obviously very excited about mission (and excited about getting people excited about mission). At the end of the service they auctioned the jacket that he had been wearing and a guy in the church won with a bid of R30,000 (about £3200) – which was pretty cool, and made some of us wonder if that should be the church’s new policy towards fundraising.

But in general a very helpful talk, particularly as I put more thought into what I’m going to beyond December 13th this year.

In other news. Today a man attempted to mug me while I was waiting for the bus. He wanted my phone, but once he’d seen it decided that it was too rubbish to be worth bothering with and left with nothing. My first (and hopefully last) brush with Jo’burg crime: basically just weird and slightly amusing.

In summary: inspired, encouraged and glad to still have my phone.

George Verwer in the same type of jacket that was auctioned

George Verwer in the same type of jacket that was auctioned

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One thought on “On mission

  1. glad you’re okay my love.

    Verwer is coming to my church this weekend! what a jet-setter’s life he leads eh?! enjoying readng your blog.

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