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On being a better blogger.

It’s actually been an entire month and a day since I last blogged – shame on me. When I go visiting other blogs and the authors haven’t posted in a day or so I judge them for their failure to keep me entertained.

Hypocrite? Me? Never.

So, let me update you on what’s was ‘up’ in September.

I went to the SCO Associates (graduates) conference.

I started running an evangelism course for the Wits guys – and they started going out on campus and telling people the gospel (awesomeness!)

Home of the Wits SCO office

Home of the Wits SCO office

The new SCO Wits committee were elected.

I went to college and learnt lots of stuff about righteousness, sanctification and Hebrew poetry.

I continued to enjoy one to one gladness.

I did a great deal of crochet.

I enjoyed another of South Africa’s many public holidays – let’s hear it for Heritage Day.

I had some lovely time hanging out with lovely friends.

I started to get a little bit freaked out that the end of the year is fast approaching and so began to make vague attempts at looking for a j-o-b.

Joy of joys, my favourite older sister gave birth to her third daughter, and named her Lola.

And so for the final days of September, the following line was stuck on repeat in my head:

“Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…

At the Copa - Copacabana...

At the Copa - Copacabana...

Good month.

Tomorrow is the great joy of Gauteng leadership training day, church on Sunday and then the almost unbearable excitement of Monday and a flight back to the northern hemisphere! Thrills.

In summary: surprised at how quick September came and went.

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