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On goodbyes.

The time is coming for goodbyes. There’s now less than a month till I leave Jo’burg and only 39 days till I leave the country, and whilst I am looking forward to many things about going home, leaving my lovely friends here is not one (of those things).

This week marked the beginning of that, as my lovely friend Cion packed up all of her stuff and headed back to America. So the last few days have been heavily influenced by spending lots of time before she left.

We had a braai for her last week and a brunch for her on Sunday morning, and besides that I’ve spent a great deal of time hanging out in her flat and helping her to pack up her life from the last two and half years, encouraging her to cull her wardobe and assisting in the weighing of luggage.

She flies this afternoon and I will miss her a lot. But also conscious of the fact that this is only the beginning of the many, many goodbyes that will be taking place over the next month, and really can’t believe that there’s so little time left here.

In summary: sad.

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One thought on “On goodbyes.

  1. Philippa on said:

    wow, time has flown!

    found myself welling up a bit thinking about it..! but sadness about leaving is a demonstration of God’s goodness to us for a time, through certain people and things, so that’s cool.


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