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On exams.

Working with students is an awesome job, and I love it very, very much, but sometimes it makes me sad because I’m not a student anymore and occasionally I really wish I was. And then exams arrive and I am so very, very, very glad about the fact that that particular period of my life is over and done with.

Jacaranda flowers at Wits

Jacaranda flowers at Wits


In South Africa finals are on at the moment. At this time of year the jacaranda trees are in bloom and the students have a bizarre tradition that if one of the purple flowers falls on your head whilst you’re on the way to an exam then you’ll pass it. Cue large numbers of students walking backwards and forwards underneath the trees on campuses throughout Jo’burg and Pretoria.

Wits students are currently in the midst of that special time of year. Which means that my weekly schedule is rather different than it was during the rest of the year. As opposed to the four days a week that I was spending on campus during term-time I’m now only there for one day a week. I go in for the whole day, meet up with my three lovely one-to-one girls and some of the other SCO ladies, and drink lots and lots of coffee.

Which perhaps makes you wonder what on earth I’m doing with the rest of my time? Well, for the rest of November I’m going to be working on writing some Bible study resources for SCO staff to use next year. It means working from home, which requires me to have a little more ‘self-discipline’, but so far I’m really enjoying it and just hoping that the finished product will be helpful.

In summary: glad to have a degree already.


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