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On musical woes.

In August something terrible happened. One of my colleagues borrowed my laptop, plugged his mp3 player into it and somehow managed to utterly destroy my itunes library. I’ve tried various different methods for retrieving the masses of music but all to no avail. I know it’s still there, hanging around somewhere on my external harddrive, but the technological knowledge to get from there back into my computer and available to play again is not knowledge that I currently possess.

Not everything is lost: stuff that I had purchased from itunes and was on my ipod at the time has been saved but everything else – days and days worth of playing time – is gone. So, at the moment I’m all about searching out new tunes to provide background music whilst I write Bible studies and take lengthy plane rides etc, and joyfully in that search I discovered the very awesome These Broken Hands by Portland.

These Broken Hands

These Broken Hands

My adorable baby sister, Sarah, sent me a copy of the CD earlier in the year, but due to the incompetance of either the Royal Mail or the South African postal service I never got it. However, when I went home for my wee October visit my Dad had it playing in the car when he came and picked me up from the airport, I fell in love straight away and nabbed that copy to bring back to Jozi.

I also spent a good portion of my free time at staff conference listening to it, so the music is now rather aligned in my head with the temperature, sights and sounds of the Western Cape bush (not a bad association to have, I might add).

All this to say – if you’re looking for something new to listen to, I’d recommend these guys. As I understand it the album is available to download from itunes, and I’d especially recommend the first and final tracks – Carry You is soft, beautiful and had me singing along by the second time I’d heard it, whilst Eamonn’s Leviathan is just awesomely folky.

Go. Download.

In summary: enjoying lovely music.

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One thought on “On musical woes.

  1. Hi Ellie,

    Nice to hear you’re loving Portland. They’re a cut above and what a nice bunch too!


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