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On farewell parties.

Last night we had a party at our house.

Kylie, my awesomely crazy Australian flatmate, is heading back to Oz after three years of living in Jozi and so she had a farewell braai at ours yesterday.

About a 100 people came. Our house is not big enough for a 100 people. We are very thankful that yesterday’s rainstorm came in the afternoon.Meat

It was a wonderful party though: R800 worth of meat was consumed, four pots of pap were made (and about two of those were actually eaten), drinks were drunk, the trampoline was bounced on, speeches were made, dancing wasdone and the tidying up didn’t actually take too long!

Sarah & Kylie

Sarah & Kylie


The theme was ‘Africa’ and most people came dressed in some traditional outfit or another. So I thought I’d share a wee photo of Kylie in her African dress, and Sarah – another of my lovely flatmates – preparing, at least clothing-wise, for her impending marriage to a Cameroonian bloke.

In summary: definitely going to miss wors; not convinced the same can be said about the pap.


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