surrounded by clouds

On lists.

I now have 16 days left in the country. It’s weird.

Back in August, when I had 127 days left I wrote this post and said that I’d write a new list when I was somewhat closer to actually leaving. 16 days is a great deal closer, and since I’ll probably only have t’internet for the next four days it’s kind of now or never.

Things I miss about home:

Still friends and family (natch.).

Proper winter weather (and the opportunity to wear boots).

Horatio and Cuthbert (the cats).


Walking while listening to music.

Walking in the dark (with or without music).

High-speed wireless.

Diet Coke.

The BBC.

A complete absence of Parktown Prawns.

Things I will miss about Jo’burg:

Still friends (natch.).

My girls.


Sweet Chili Sauce.

Pineapple Fanta.


Knitting at Moyo with Kim.

Food prices.

Bean There Coffee

Vegas (the dog: despite his tendancy to eat clothes, he’s kind of grown on me.)


I’m sure there’s more stuff, but these seem to the most important, since they’re what I can remember at the moment.

In summary: reflecting.






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