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On weddings.

On the 19th of June this year my favourite older sister, Rachel, is getting married.

This is very wonderful for two reasons. Firstly, because my future brother-in-law is lovely chap who makes my sister happy. And secondly, because it means I finally get to fulfil one of my great lifelong ambitions (being a bridesmaid).

This weekend Rach came through to Carlisle and while my dad looked after her two older girls, Holly and Sophie, and Aidan (only son of my favourite younger sister, Sarah) – Rachel, Sarah, Mum, me and Rach’s 13 week-old baby, Lola, went shopping for wedding dresses.

Very much fun. And quite quick too. The dress was chosen, tried on and paid for in under two hours, and then went for a lovely lunch. A good Saturday.

Amused by the horrified expressions on the faces of all the ladies in the dress shop when Rachel told them that there was less than 6 months until the wedding day. Who’d have thought that it would take so flipping long to sew a few bits of material together? Yet apparently some can take 11 months to arrive after ordering. It seems somewhat ridiculous to me, but seemingly lots of people order their dress about three years before the actual wedding takes place so is it any wonder the dressmakers aren’t in a great hurry to get things finished?

Just as well the bridesmaid dresses will be more of an off-the-rack affair.

In summary: excited about June.

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5 thoughts on “On weddings.

  1. Hehe, you just reminded me of the same reaction I got from every wedding dress shop.

    “Yes, the wedding is in four months, um, why is that a problem again? oh right, the dresses are made in CHINA. do they not have a postal service in China that takes less than four months?…”

    Flippin mad!

    And woooh for being a bridesmaid! I have all my hopes pinned on Jen getting married before I turn 40…

  2. p.s. ohmygosh how grown up is sophie looking? surely she was born just last week?!

  3. Cassie on said:

    Did you have lunch at Pizza Express? Recognising those flowers!

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