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On Tuesday

This week I am mostly reading:

Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot) – who would have thought that a book about knitting could make me laugh out loud, but it’s true. I usually don’t like knitting books unless they contain a decent amount of patterns and this one is rather lacking in that (though it does have a few in the second half) but it’s just so funny and offers great amounts of wisdom, explanation and advice to improve one’s actual knitting skill as well as tips on converting non-knitters into this great club and persuading your family and friends that you need more wool when it’s quite clear that you already have enough in your house to open several shops.Knitting Rules

5 reasons to keep a stash:

1. Some people collect rocks or seashells. Enough said.

2 Yarn, if you get enough of it, can totally act as house insulation, helping to cool your house in the summer and hold in heat during the winter. It’s almost irresponsible, in the face of global climate change, not to have a stash of yarn.

3. Wool is flame-retardant and what people in the fire business refer to as “self-extinguishing”. If something self-extinguishing is exposed to a flame, when the flame is removed it will no longer burn. This means that (in my special little world) having an extensive woolen stash is practically a safety thing. Remind me to call my insurance company to have my rates lowered.

4. Speaking of insurance, a stash protects against any number of emergencies. What if you lost your job and could no longer afford to buy yarn? What if you had to move to a remote mountain pass in Nepal and couldn’t get to a yarn shop without a five-day hike? What if, out of the blue, huge felted woolen car cozies became popular and the world’s supply of fiber was eaten up by the auto industry, causing wool scarcity and widespread panic amoing knitters everywhere? Better to be prepared. You never know when supply could dry up.

5. It’s a way better alternative than drinking heavily or doing drugs, which is probably the way I’d spend my time if you took my knitting away.

This week I am mostly knitting:

Cardigan in progressA very beautiful cardigan. Called Buttony. Which I love.

In summary: knitting on the brain.

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2 thoughts on “On Tuesday

  1. Parental unit (male) on said:

    6. It provides a safe environment for homeless moths to raise their families.
    7. And hours of entertainment for the cats.

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