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On being eight

Apologies for the lack of posting recently. I just haven’t really had much to say. I go to work, I go on the occasional jaunt to far-flung big cities or country towns to see lovely friends and sisters, I work some more, I knit a lot and life continues.

It’s hard to blog about every-day, as it all just seems a wee bit too every-day. Struggling a bit with the concept of not being a ‘professional’ Christian at the moment.

This has been a recurring theme in my life since I left school, as I’ve switched from ‘Christian’ to ‘secular’ employment and back again on a fairly regular basis. I keep thinking that I’ll get used to it – but I don’t. Surprise.

However, I am quite enjoying the ‘secular’ career at the moment – being a receptionist is fun.

In other news: today is the eighth birthday of my lovely niece, Holly. [And despite that whole i before e rule, I still have to spell-check ‘niece’ every time I write it, because it just never looks right.]

Remembering the day she was born: Early Monday morning. My wee sister woke me in the middle of the night to tell me that the baby had been born and for some reason the only question I asked in my ripped-from-peaceful-slumber state was if she knew whether they would be spelling Holly with a ‘y’ or an ‘ie’. I don’t know why, but it seemed important at the time. Oh, and after we’d been to see them at the hospital we stopped at Southwaite services and had Burger King for tea. Good times.

Happy Birthday Holly!


Miss Holly J. Page.

In summary: blah.

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2 thoughts on “On being eight

  1. Cassie on said:

    Are you by chance drabbling at the mo? 😉

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