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On chickens.

This afternoon I enjoyed a delightful Tuesday treat in the shape of coffee, cake and chat with the very lovely Jo.

As well as being the wife of a vicar, the mother of three small children, a superb worship leader and generally nice lady, Jo also has 4 chickens who live in her back-garden.

I too would like to have chickens. They’re kind of fun.

I’m really becoming quite a fan of Tuesday, since it’s now my day off after a Friday, Saturday and Monday in work, Monday nights feel like Friday nights and Tuesday mornings feel like Saturdays. I’d like to be working more hours in the week from a financial perspective, but three days off in a row in the middle of the week is pretty darned amazing.

Along with the coffee and the cake was the chat, and that is good because it gets me thinking. And planning to read. We had a bit of a discussion about healing – something that has come up a fair bit with different people over the last wee while, and so I’m going to start reading a book that I recently acquired to help me sort out what I think.

Be prepared for some feedback soon.

In summary: enjoying my days off.

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One thought on “On chickens.

  1. Parental unit (male) on said:

    Not in my back yard!

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