surrounded by clouds

On skipping.

Despite the anticipation of an unhappy Monday I am always happy enough once it gets going.

I hate getting out of bed, but once I’m up and speed-walking to work (less because I enjoy quick-walking and more because I hate getting out of bed, and so don’t get out of bed, and am now late) with a bit of Johnny Cash to set my pace, everything’s fine.

The highlight of my day came on the way home, when I was walking along the wee path above the river. A girl of twenty or so was walking a bit ahead of me, and she, obviously thinking she was all alone, and feeling that spring had begun to starting springing (sprunging?) just randomly and awesomely, starting skipping.

Grown-ups losing enough inhibition to skip their way home is one of the happiest sights in the world.

In summary: joy-filled.

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