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On toddlers and teens.

Thursday morning is the mother and toddler group at church. As you’re no doubt aware, I am neither a mother or a toddler, but I go anyway to help out (mostly by making and serving tea and coffee).

Today, of course, I also brought baking, (lovely Fiona’s marshmallow sqaures to be exact) making me rather popular, and feeling like a proper grown-up when lots of people asked me for the recipe.

[I think there are one or two seemingly trivial things which have the ability to make one feel most adult. So far my list of these things is made up of the following:

  1. Being asked for a recipe of something that you have made.
  2. Being referred to as ‘the lady’ by some small child’s parent.
  3. Being asked to give someone a reference for a job application.]

Then this afternoon I went back to church for the first meeting of the Youth Alpha course being run by our super youth worker, Ruth. Small numbers, but a nice group and it should be a lot of fun.

In other news: I have new boots!

Although, being that they’re ‘vintage’, they’re not technically ‘new’, just new to me. But I do love them quite a bit, and they’re making up for the sad loss of my old cowboy boots, and providing a spring-like transition from sheepskin-lined winter boots to the summer staple of flip-flops.

I’m sure that my new boots don’t fill you with a great deal of joy, but I’m rather happy myself, and so thought I’d share!

In summary: church and cowboy boots make me smile.

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4 thoughts on “On toddlers and teens.

  1. Your boots fill me with immense joy.

    (Another way I realise I am an adult is when a varsity student tells me they were born in 1990)

  2. Yey for marshmallow squares 🙂

    And yey for new boots…
    my boots – the only practical pair of footwear I own – are falling apart on my feet as we speak. REALLY need to go shopping but I have this theory that shoe shops are a wee piece of hell on earth so…

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