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On linking

For your viewing pleasure, allow me to present you with some links to visit.

These are some of the websites I visit on a pretty-much daily basis. Some of them are in my links section on the side-bar, some aren’t.

Lovely Fiona talks about her life in Brussels. Quite a lot of food-related posts, so probably best not to read it if you’re trying to diet.

Lovely Kim talks about her life in Johannesburg. Lots of South African craziness.

Facebook for knitters. You have to register to join, but if you are a knitter or a crocheter you must, must, must join. It’ll rock your yarn-filled world.

This is another Kim though, unlike Kimlovesjozi, I haven’t actually met this Kim. I also don’t know how I found her blog in the first place, but I love it. She’s a homeschooling mother of 9 (with number 10 on the way) living somewhere in Texas, and talks about her family and how they make it all work. Fun.

A funny guy called Jon Acuff offers comical commentary on Christian culture, and sneaks in some wisdom as well.

Lovely KMac blogs about her life in Glasgow. In a very arty-Kirsty way. And with some stunning photos.

Ysolda Teague is a young knitting designer from Edinburgh. She sells patterns and books of patterns, and blogs about her knitting and her life. Pretty pictures too.

Yet another random American homeschooling mother whom I have never met. She mostly just blogs a photo and a very brief explanation. But they’re lovely photos, and usually of pretty things she has made, which is nice.

This is a brilliant, brilliant resource from UCCF. It’s a mass of articles and audio downloads covering every facet of theology, and spanning various different academic ‘levels’. They state their vision as the following:

To unleash the best biblical teaching so that students and all users might come to know and love the Lord Jesus in deeper, life-changing, mission-igniting ways. We’re inviting you to read and listen, to engage your head, your heart, and your will. We’re inviting you to our little gospel centre that you might know God better, love Jesus more, and join the revolution that is doing theology.

Awesomeness. Recommended.

Hope you visit one or two of my links and find some interesting stuff there!

In summary: sharing the love.

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