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On knitted furniture.

I am currently working on a knitted footstool/pouf/monstrosity for my dear Fiona and her lovely husband, Rasmus.

This project is my first proper commission. It is inspired by an actual (but hugely expensive) piece of furniture, and Fi sent me a link to a free pattern, which has given me an excellent jumping-off point from which to knit.


I bought the wool (some of the wool – there’s going to be a lot) online. And then, after reading the pattern, and checking a few examples on my beloved Ravelry, I realised that I was going to have to make the thing (which is going to be known hereafter as monster) rather a lot larger than the pattern suggested. And unfortunately for me, that involves maths.

Maths is not something for which I have (any) apptitude for. I endured it at school until GCSE, at which point I pretty much forgot everything I learned. Unlike my wee sister, who is quite skilled in this area; frequently using Pi-related equations to baffle her friends and work out complicated pizza conundrums.

For the monster I needed to work out the circumference of a circle when I knew what the diameter should be, and although I was able to work this kind of problem out ten years ago, it’s not really something I’ve used since. It turns out that Mr Dixon (my GCSE maths teacher) was right all along.

Close up

I really did need to know maths for real life (although I’m not sure that he was envisioning it being used to work out the correct guage to produce a piece of knitted furniture).

The other major change that I’ve had to make to the pattern is that I’m having to knit it in two pieces, rather than one, due to the fact that there aren’t knitting needles in the world that are long enough for me to do it all in one.

Far away

It’s going to take a while, and it’s going to be utterly, ridiculously huge by the time that it’s finished (and far too big to carry around as a knit-on-the-train sort of project), but it’s also going to be awesomely, randomly cool. Obviously.

In summary: knitting big.

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3 thoughts on “On knitted furniture.

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  2. Nessie Crown on said:

    Hi there! I am planning to do the same thing. I’ve only just started knitting, but I’m wondering how you went with this project?

    • ellidhcook on said:

      Hi, and thanks for the visit.
      Embarrassingly, I still haven’t finished this project. Poor Fiona (the intended recipient) has moved to a different country (twice!) since I promised to make it, and it’s still not done. In theory it should be an easy knit, it’s just a very big knit, and got put on the back-burner one-to-many times. However, I do still have the yarn, so, in theory, it could come out of retirement again. If I do ever finish it then I’ll be sure to post about it here – good luck with your attempt!
      Ellidh x

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