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On podcasts.

Lovely Fiona asked me to recommend some podcast type things to keep her entertained on a ten hour (hectic – in the South African sense of the word) car journey.

And since it’s the end of the month, I’ve properly run out of things to blog about, and the most interesting thing that happened to me today was getting wet feet walking home from work (how do I manage to contain myself with all this excitement eh?), I’ve decided to turn her simple query into my 29th post this month.

  • Mark Driscoll – Mars Hill Church (or just search ‘Mark Driscoll’ in iTunes)

I listened to his lectures on spiritual warfare when I was on my most recent long train journey, down to Leicester, at the beginning of the month. It was interesting (if slightly weirder than I’m used to!), and he has a very engaging style of preaching (and writing come to mention it). I’ve just downloaded the first couple in his series in 1 Peter, which I’m looking forward to.

Guess what these are about. Perhaps not to your taste if your not a knitting obsessive, but they’re funny and interesting, and have nice voices to listen to.

Various authors and theology-peeps chat to Mike Reeves (UCCF’s resident theologian) about a wide-range of subjects including: church, sanctification, grace, justification, and Islam and Christianity. It’s fun to listen to, and just super interesting.

And that’s my whole list. And it’s pretty short. Any suggestions of things I can add to it?

In summary: listening and learning (with wet feet).

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