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On knitting progress.

I’m still, still working on a knitted gift for Kim’s very-nearly-ready baby. The wee one’s due on the 1st of June (or thereabouts) but since there’s a distance of 3533 miles between me and them, the gift needs to be finished and posted out rather a while before June begins – and we’re now into May double-digits.

Last week was a perfect knitting situation. Bed-bound and watching DVDs is the perfect opportunity to knit up a storm – except that I felt so grim that I couldn’t be bothered to anything might lie around and mope, and also I’ve watched too many episodes of House, and was scared about sending my present away infected with my flu germs.

And so this week I’ve had to make another solemn pledge (something I seem to be doing a lot lately) to knit up crazy storm this week, and get this thing finished. I’d really love to show you some progress pictures – but I’m determined that Kim (and Stephen if he cares!) will see this present for the first time for real and when it’s done, so instead you’ll have to cope with photos of the non-knitted-up balls of yarn.

In summary: racing to finish.

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2 thoughts on “On knitting progress.

  1. im really excited about this present! any present is exciting but a handknitted handposted one even more so. i am nearly finished my debbie bliss cable knit blanket, will show you some pics when it’s done. and think it’ve only made one mistake! pretty amazing for me, when you consider the green cardigan that was one big mistake. when are you coming back so we can knit at zoo lake all day?

  2. I care, Its very exciting thanks Ellie!


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