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On lately.

  • My beloved homeland finally has a government. Lib-Dem/Tory coalition for the first time in the history of anything, and the first coalition government since World War II. Is it good or bad news? Time will tell I’m sure.
  • Romeo and Juliet are dead in Such Tweet Sorrow. Bearing in mind how long it took for us to get from the start of story to them actually meeting, the tragedy started and finished v. quickly. But it got quite a lot better towards the end – mostly ’cause they started quoting a lot more of Shakespeare’s actual text.
  • I’m becoming increasingly aware of the fact that it’s May and I”m moving to a new city in August and so I really need to get moving on finding somewhere to actually move to.
  • I finally laid on eyes on my dad’s new workplace: the very awesome OMNIvision mobile bookshop (essentially an ex-mobile-library van transformed into a Christian bookstore, to replace the dear departed Wesley Owen Carlisle which fell victim to the tragic death of the old IBS-STL at the end of last year.)

In summary: caught up with recent events.

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3 thoughts on “On lately.

  1. Don’t be so negative on yourself. You can knit me and most women under the table. That’s very womanny.

  2. Bookshop on wheels: as you say: awesome!

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