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On being two years old.

Today is my two year blogiversary.

Here’s some blog facts for you:

  • On May 14th 2008 I wrote this stunning piece of prose to kick things off.
  • In the last two years I have written 113 posts, and received 114 comments.
  • My overall average number of visitors per day is 6.9.
  • My overall average number of visitors per day this year is 12.6.
  • The highest number of visitors I received in one day was 73, on December 16th 2008, when I wrote this post, and started a briefly controversial chat about the attitude of some of the customers who were ringing the STL trade order line. Though weirdly at least one visitor found my blog that day by typing the following into a search engine: ‘book calld[sic] the cloud of unknownness’.
  • The second highest number of visitors received in one day was yesterday when 60 people came to visit – I don’t know why.
  • The most popular search engine term which has led people to my blog is people who’ve arrived after googling my unusually-named friends, the Koefoed-Jespersens. 25 people have searched for Fiona and/or Rasmus Koefoed-Jespersen and found me.
  • And the most unusual search terms sending traffic my way have included these gems: knitted clock pic; free country and western crochet pattern; if you had ‘pap’ in sierra leone what would it taste like and old people camping in the rain.

In summary: happy birthday to my blog.

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2 thoughts on “On being two years old.

  1. Ha ha, I love that we are responsible for brining 25 people to your blog. Our name is truly unique! There was some website a while ago that you could type in your surname and find out where all the other people with that surname were living, down to countries, counties and towns. All the Koefoed-Jespersens were in Denmark, most on Bornholm, and when I showed Rasmus he could basically point to each town and say “yep, that’s my aunt Ulla, yep that’s uncle Arne…” 🙂

    The downside being NO ONE can pronounce it. When we checked into our Vegas hotel last week they finally found our name: “Oh yes, here it is, Mr and Mrs Jespers”. Um, yeah, close enough I guess.

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