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On failing (twice).

I didn’t blog yesterday. My solemn pledge crashed and burned – completely. Sorry.

I don’t really know what happened; I just forgot. Fail number one.

Fail number two is from today, and my first attempt at making tablet.

Essentially – it got burnt. Apparently the microwave I was using was a wee bit more powerful than the one owned by the person who made up the recipe. So I’m going to need to have another go.

However, other than the fact that it’s quite hard enough to break teeth on, and has the slightest smoky tang, it’s not bad.

Kind of like the tablet version of cinder toffee. Yum.

Though probably not yum enough to sell to people, which was the initial purpose of the tablet.

Stay tuned for a future (hopefully) successful attempt.

In summary: fail.

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