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On visiting.

Today I went for a wee trip across the country to Newcastle (a.k.a. land of my fathers) to make a visit to the place that will be my home for at least the next three years.

In case you don’t know – and you probably don’t since I haven’t actually mentioned it here at all – in August I’m going to start working for UCCF with the Christian Unions at Newcastle, Northumbria and Durham Universities.

I’m pretty excited

  • because I’ve got a job I really, really want
  • with an organisation I really, really like
  • because I get to move to a city and stay there for longer than 10 months (not I’ve something I’ve done in a while).

Expect to hear much, much more in the next few weeks/months/years.

Today was great as it was a chance to meet up with some of the team I’ll be on next year, as well as hear lots about what’s happening in the CUs at the moment and what key things I’ll be working on from September, and just generally get excited about what’s to come.

It’s pretty scary too – but that’s part of the excitement.

In summary: thinking about the future.

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