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On writing letters.

One of the joys of my imminent return to full-time ministry (becoming an ex-ex-professional Christian again) means a return to writing prayer letters.

I always find producing these letters difficult, but not because the actual act of writing it is hard, but rather because beforehand I always psych myself out and turn it into a huge thing that looms over all and will take days to complete, when in actual fact it never does.

Once I settle down to it the words comes easy enough, and generally I’m encouraged and enthused and enlivened and energised (and other positive adjectives beginning with e) as I’m reminded about what God has done and is doing. I just need to remind myself of this every time writing a new letter comes on the schedule.

I was did a new one today – and will be working on an email tomorrow – to talk about the upcoming job, so if you usually get this kind of stuff from me do keep an eye on your inbox/letter box (and if you don’t but would like to, leave me a comment and I’ll send you something!)

In other news: I was knitting the Baby Reid mystery item whilst babysitting this evening and in an effort to try and understand why it was taking so very long to finish I decide to time my rows (knitting geek – guilty as charged).

Here’s some knitting maths for you: [7.5 minutes for a knit row + 6.5  for a purl row] x 88 rows = no flipping wonder I’m still not finished.

In summary: still knitting and still encouraged by prayer letters.

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