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On the first weekend

June is a bit of an odd month for me. I am both very busy and not at all busy, all at the same time.

During the week I’m doing very little: helping out with the toddler group and Youth Alpha; going for coffee with friends; knitting; and sending many letters and emails in the pursuit of support raising for the new job.

But at the weekends I am the busiest bee in the world.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Brussels for a visit with lovely Fiona, next weekend I’m going to Keswick to see sweet sister Rachel get wed, and on the last weekend of June I’ll be on my way down to London Town for another wedding. It’s all go.

Last weekend was the beginning of it all when I spent Saturday in the capital, for a summer camp leader’s training day in the morning and a hen party in the afternoon.

It was a very, very long day.

  • An 05h44 train south from Carlisle. Which is pretty flipping early, but not too bad when it’s summer time and the sun’s already been up for a couple of hours.
  • A morning at a church in Hampstead hanging out with awesome Q3a folk, getting ready for camp.
  • Lunch on the heath in horrible, muggy, breeze-less London heat.
  • An afternoon in a fancy hotel in Mayfair, enjoying a delightful afternoon tea in honour of lovely Sarah and her upcoming marriage to Jacques.
  • An 18h30 train north from Euston.
  • A brief stop at a surprise 60th birthday party for a wonderful lady from church.
  • And home to bed.

It was a jolly long day. But fun.

In summary: first of the busy weekends = lots of fun

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