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On June

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last blogged.

The ridiculous thing is that during June I actually did do lots of quite interesting things, all of which were (and still are) worthy of a blog post, but somehow I didn’t quite manage to fit the blogging in amongst the actual living.

Then at the same time that July arrived so did a horrible cold/sinusitis attack which shoved me into my bed with plenty of blogging time but none of the inclination.

So here we are. It’s July 11th. I am quite recovered from the illness, and have the time needed to do a bit of catching up. So look out for posts on weddings, continental-European mini-breaks, dress-making, house-hunting and many other such joys in the days to come, but first…

Days spent with my beautiful niece Lola May (a.k.a. Local-lo-cal-Lola-Cola)

Big sis, Rachel, and new bro-in-law, Dave, went on a honeymoon to the Dominican Republic for two and a half weeks, which was doubtless lovely for them (Caribbean beaches, need I say more?) but required those of us left behind to mount a small military operation to coordinate childcare arrangements for the wee ones left at home.

  • Days 1-3- Holly and Sophie and Lola were taken care of by Dave’s mum, ‘Granny Sheena’, at Rachel and Dave’s house in Keswick.
  • Day 4-5 – Lola in Carlisle with us. Holly and Sophs at their dad’s house in Keswick.
  • Day 6-7 – Dad and yours truly in Keswick with the three girls.
  • Day 8 – Dad went to Carlisle to work while I had Lo to myself. He came back. I got on a bus back to Carlisle to go to a house-group party. Mum came out to Keswick to spend the night. Dad went to a meeting.
  • Day 9-10 – Mum went back to work. I took to my sick bed. Dad stayed in Keswick with the girls.
  • Day 11-16 – Holly and Sophie went to their dad, Lola went to some friends of Rachel and Dave.
  • Day 17 – Rachel and Dave came home.

I did have fun looking after the littles. Although it was less fun being woken in the middle of night by hungry babies/weeping 6 year olds.

We had lovely sunshine, and Keswick is a nice enough place to push a pram around, which kept me and Lola-cola entertained.

In summary: fun times with wee ones, who probably aren’t to blame for my illness.

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