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The season for camps. Pt 2.

Camp number 2 this year was the very awesome Quantock 3a (or Q3a, as all the cool kids call it).

It has rather a special place in my heart because this is the camp where I became a Christian 11 years ago. Or at least, an early version of this camp…

Back in 1999 it was called Colwyn Bay 2 (north Wales – which is not an unreasonable distance from Carlisle), then in 2000 it became Bruton 2 (rural Somerset – which is an extremely unreasonable distance from Carlisle), and then in 2007 it moved to somewhere else in Somerset and became Quantock 3. 2008 was the year of epic-ness, when we planted a second camp, becoming Q3a and Q3b, and I did both, back to back, and nearly died of exhaustion/hysteria. I had a year off last year, since the distance from Jo’burg to Somerset was really too unreasonable to contemplate, and this year came back to enjoy some Q3 banter once again.

I spent 4 years as a member (which is what we call the teenagers), 2 years as a helper (which is what we call the students who come along and heroically spend their holiday doing washing up, chopping onions and cleaning loos), 4 years as a dorm leader, and this year moved on to being a helper leader (which means being a leader, and doing all the helper tasks too

The helper team (photo courtesy of Natalia - borrowed/stolen from FB!)

– including, randomly, piping whipped cream into 200 profiteroles.)

It was a great 8 days, and I’m so glad I went back.

Highlights this year include: enjoying helper banter again, reuniting with some wonderful old friends, making some wonderful new friends, having a brilliant and challenging time studying the Sermon on the Mount, knitting in the sunshine, eating delicious food, and quoting and requoting lines from Strictly Ballroom with one of the aforementioned wonderful new friends, Kelly.

“A bit of musicality, please!”

In summary: Good, good, good times.

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