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On sewing.

You may know that I’m a bit of knitter. Some would say ‘obsessed’, but they’d be wrong of course, it’s simply an activity that I am somewhat passionate about.

Frankly I just love to make things. I enjoy the satisfaction of creating something with my hands, wearing it, and then experiencing deep joy when folks make a compliment. While I was out in South Africa I knitted a skirt – still one of my greatest accomplishments – and when my sweet friend, Cion, saw it and discovered that I had made it she took great delight in announcing to everyone we met:

“Hey, do you like Ellie’s skirt? She made it!”

Which was pretty nice.

However, though I do love to knit (especially, especially on trains), it’s a bit of a delayed-gratification kind of craft. For example: the skirt that I made last year was started in March, just after I arrived in Jo’burg, and I finished it at the end of October – not exactly something I can whip up over a weekend.

So, these days I’m exploring the art of sewing, for a bit of a speedier finished article.

Back in June I spent an evening with the lovely church ladies, learning to make some sweet necklaces, and getting a refresher course in how to work a sewing machine. Since then I’ve been sewing up a mini storm, and I just love it.

Projects completed so far include:

  • a turquoise linen-mix wraparound skirt
  • a red, floor-length, tiered skirt
  • a green and brown tartan shift dress
  • a green and brown tartan A-line skirt
  • a red and polka-dot apron
  • a necklace

I’m hoping to work on it more and more, and potentially open up an Etsy shop, once I’ve settled in Newcastle. Probably selling things like the necklaces, aprons, cushion covers and maybe bags.

A question for y’all?

What stuff do you think I should make to sell?

In summary: creativity joy.

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5 thoughts on “On sewing.

  1. My grandma taught my sister and I to make those long ago! What a blast from the past! 🙂 Beautiful.
    And, there is nothing wrong with being obsessed… ahem…. passionate about knitting. It is perfectly natural and normal to have yarn stashed in every bookcase in your house or to have knitting needles poking out of most baskets, bowls and bags.
    Hmm? What? You didn’t say you had that? Well, I certainly wasn’t talking about me…. 🙂

  2. Cassie on said:

    Don’t forget my order for an original Ellie necklace 🙂

  3. Where are the rest of the pictures of your creations?! I want to see them!! Beautiful necklace! I’ve just finished sewing my first little baby dress for soon to be little Miss Torrance! I created my own fully reversible (you can wear it 4 different ways) pattern and it turned out super well. Somebody is currently borrowing my popper machine, but once I get it back and add the snaps to the dress I will post pictures. I’m also in the process of knitting baby booties. Have finished one :o) It gives me such joy to be creative too! Keep up the good work! xox

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