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On new things.

It’s the first of the month – did you know?

Anyway, in honour of the fact that along with this new month, I’ve moved to a new city and started a new job I thought it was time to do another blog-everyday-for-a month series.

My local Metro station - taken whilst walking, hence the blurriness.

I’ve done this twice before, and although the first time I managed it well, I kind of failed the second time. But I have high hopes for this go, especially since, due to the fact that I’ve moved house and started a new job, it seems reasonable to assume that’ll have plenty to blog about. However, I should announce now that this new job will start off in a fairly busy way, specifically, when I head off on Monday for a week in a field in Shropshire, which may have a negative impact on my blogging plans.

I’m hoping to post anyway, via the wonderful technological advancement that is the iPhone, but that really rather depends on whether I have any signal.

If I do, expect the promised daily blogs; if I don’t, expect five in one day when I return!

And for now: just settling in.

My room is looking more like mine, my cupboards have food in them, the sun is shiny and hot, and I had my debut journey on the Metro. The verdict so far: Newcastle is nice.

In summary: beginning with good intentions.

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2 thoughts on “On new things.

  1. fionalynne on said:

    How is it September already?! Will you send some of the Newcastle warmth this way? It’s still sunny here but we actually switched to the winter duvet already which is kinda criminal…

    Yey, you’re in Newcastle! I thoroughly support your 30 day blog promise as it means I get to be super nosy about your new life there šŸ™‚

  2. Which field in Shropshire? Not far from us y’know!

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