surrounded by clouds

On the quayside.

Yesterday I took a wee trip down to the river to enjoy some end-of-summer sunshine, and take a few photos for the purposes of sprucing up my upcoming prayer letter.

I think I’ve decided that my main problem with Jo’burg as a city is there’s no good water there.

No sea and no river (there were a couple of parks with wee lakes in them, but they really were the ultimate in ‘man made’), and that just makes a city a bit sad.

However, Newcastle has both river and sea, so it seems reasonable to assume that it is the happiest city on earth. Clearly I’m going to need to have lived here for more than four days before I make that statement in any kind of binding way, but so far all is good.

The quayside is a fairly recent bit of development, including trendy bars, a fancy ‘millennium bridge’, upscale apartment buildings, and an art gallery and concert hall.

On Tuesday I went for a wee look around the gallery: the BALTIC. Now it is modern art, and I generally find that my problem with the majority of modern art is that I don’t really ‘get it’, but at least half of it was pretty cool to look at. Which is probably enough.

In summary: enjoying the river.

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