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On fifteens.

I’ve been baking today. Although, as always, I use ‘baking’ in the loosest possible sense of the term, since the particular item that I made goes absolutely nowhere near the oven, or in fact, any heat source.

We have  team days tomorrow and Friday, so I thought I’d honour the occasion by making something sweet to share with the awesome people who make up the wonderful UCCF North East regional team.

I made a Northern Irish delicacy known as ‘Fifteens’, first tasted by me at St Andrews CU events, and from a recipe given to me by my lovely, Brethren friend, wee Ruthie.


  • Digestive biscuits (15)
  • Marshmallows (15)
  • Glace cherries (15)
  • Maltesers (15 – are you understanding the name now?)
  • A small tin of condensed milk
  • Dessicated coconut

Basically, you crush the biscuits, add the marshmallows (you should probably use mini ones, but they’re more expensive, so I buy the big ones, use half the amount and cut them into pieces), cut the cherries and the Maltesers, and throw them in too, then mix it all together. Add the condensed milk, stir, and then get to the messy bit.

The idea is that you roll the mixture into a log-like shape, and coat it in coconut, but it is really, really sticky at this point. My suggestion is to cover a baking sheet in coconut, put the mixture down something resembling a log, and then cover in more coconut. At this point it’s a lot less sticky, and then you can shape it more attractively, before putting it into the fridge.

Leave it to set, and then cut it into slices, and the slices in half. And enjoy the delicious deliciousness.

I’ll post some photos tomorrow.

In summary: feeling quite domesticated.

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