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On some Silas knitting.

Back at the end of May my sweet friend, Kim, had a beautiful baby boy who goes by the name of Silas. 

Much of my May knitting was taken up with trying to finish a interesting, but surprisingly slow, blanket, and a wee teddy, to send to the young Master Reid. I did finish it a few days after he was born, and then failed to send it until the middle of August because I am a severe procrastinator.

I then endured a few slightly agonising weeks as I wondered whether it would ever get to Jo’burg, and more specifically, to Kim’s house, or whether it would be disappeared somewhere along the way.

So, joy of joys, it finally arrived yesterday, and I can show some tiny pictures of the finished article.

As I said, I am working on other baby knits at the moment, and was chatting to one of the mothers-to-be today about by uncanny ability to be able to predict baby-gender, especially when I knit for a not-yet-born little one. I always seem to be able to choose a gender-appropriate yarn. It’s a mysterious and, to be honest, quite useless skill to possess, and yet there you go:

I’m Ellidh, and I have prophetic knitting needles.

How marvellous.

In summary: still knitting.

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9 thoughts on “On some Silas knitting.

  1. Parental unit (male) on said:

    The female parental unit (who paid for the postage of said items) is also delighted that they have arrived safely.

  2. Those look great, Ellie. Well done!

  3. So cute! Alas, I do not have that talent. My friend for whom I was knitting thing in blue gave birth to a girl. Oh, well. Good thing I knit fast! 🙂

  4. Hmmm…as yet you haven’t announced your suspicions regarding the gender of our baby. If you have an inkling I would love to know what it is! xx

    • ellidhcook on said:

      To be honest Hannah, your one has me most confused, and I feel like it could be the end of my streak. I started knitting something fairly gender-neutral but with a fair amount of blue, because I knew you wouldn’t mind a girl in blue, and yet the more I knit it the less blue I want in it (adding more greens at the moment) which makes me a wee bit suspicious that it’s a girl.
      So, unclear, and prepared for the prophecy gift to be coming to an end, but I’m going to say: girl.

      • Hehe, I think everyone is confused about mini J – I don’t care as long as he or she comes soon and stops kicking my ribs! xx

  5. I love the little bear – adorable!

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