surrounded by clouds

On wanting it to be autumn already.

I am dissatisfied with the weather of late.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like summer. But only at the appropriate time of the year, and this is not it.

We’re now well into September (nearly at the end of it in fact) and it should be autumn. There should be crisp, frosty mornings, and fallen leaves to crunch through and the opportunity to dress in jackets and scarves and other cooler-weather clothing, and for a couple of days last week that’s what we had. The temperature had dropped down to the low teens and I was ready for it. I put away my flip-flops and summer skirts, and I dug out my boots, and jacket and autumnal colours and it was delightful. But now the sun has come back and the temperature’s back up to 19 degrees.

What is a girl to do?

In other news, I’ve been rather inspired by this post with regards to musical choices. Which is all well and good apart from the fact that I’m going to find it quite difficult to restrain myself from bursting into song while out and about.

And I’m busy knitting for a certain niece/goddaughter’s 1st birthday coming up on Sunday.

In summary: bizarrely complaining that it’s sunny.

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