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On the bridge.

Today was the Northumbria University societies fair so I went along to hang out with some of the CU folks as they manned their stall.

The powers that be had decided to organise the room thematically, so the CU was positioned in amongst the ‘faith groups’ genre, in a kind of Abrahamic religion sandwich, with the Jewish society on one side and the Islamic Society on the other. Then across the aisle were the political groups, and the rather interestingly juxtaposed Labour Party, Socialist Workers Party and Conservative Party tables.

It was ever so slightly tense, but in a really awesome kind of way. And really cool listening to some of the conversations going on between all the different people.

Just thinking about how different Northumbria is to Wits. But also how very, very similar.

Especially the bridge. At Wits there’s one spanning the highway to join the east and west campuses, and at Northumbria, and at Newcastle, they have them too.

I love that.

I love that even though they’re practically at the opposite ends of the globe to one another, and so completely different to each other, there is still something generically ‘university’ about them. Little, insignificant things like a bridge over a motorway help me to see the big picture – that God is creator of all, and that students everywhere, whether they’re studying Physics or Fine Art, and whether they’re in Newcastle or Jo’burg, all need to hear about Jesus.

In summary: appreciating the fine architecture.

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One thought on “On the bridge.

  1. Good post my friend. That picture is very similar to Wits! Keep doing the good student work. You’re excellent.

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