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On a book review

Finished reading this book the other day and thought I’d give it a wee plug.

It’s called God Doesn’t Do Waste and it’s about the foundation of A Rocha UK.

I first heard of A Rocha in South Africa, because they and SCO had a quite close relationship (including sharing a staff worker!), but other than that I’ve had no experience of them.

But I really enjoyed reading the book.

I think my temptation (along with many of my fundie brethren) is to rather divorce Christianity from environmental concerns. I think a whole lot about telling people the gospel, and not very much at all about being a good steward of the world that God created and gave to us. And yet that’s silly, firstly because we can’t separate people from the environment, and secondly because God created the world and said it was good, creation itself is looking forward to Jesus’ return, and when Jesus does come back, he’ll be making it all new. If God cares about the whole world (and he does), and I want to be obedient to him, and become more like Christ (and I do), then I should care about it too.

Just trying to work out what that means.

This book was a good reminder of how moronic it is to try and put proclaiming the gospel and caring about the world in two separate boxes. And it was also just generally interesting to read – mostly just a wee autobiography of how A Rocha UK came to be.

Do give it a read.

In summary: learning stuff.

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